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G. T. Haywood
Theresa Coffman
Viola Beeler
Anna Bell Davis
1st National Pentecostal Youth People's Convention in Louisville, KY 1934

History of Our Council
Our Rich Heritage

  • With regard to Apostolic Pentecostal beginnings, the First Apostolic Council of Kentucky and Tennessee has an impressive foundation.  It is the result of earnest prayer, sound doctrine, solid leadership and a move of the Holy Ghost.
  • We are THE OLDEST COUNCIL in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and our history is decorated with the names and legacies of Pentecostal giants such as HaywoodDouglas and Schultz, to name a few.

  • Christian Faith Band Church was founded in Danville, KY by Thomas J. Cox.

  • Azusa Street revival begins.

  • In 1908 Bishop G. T. Haywood received the Holy Ghost and was called to the ministry shortly thereafter.  He was a key figure in the start of the First Apostolic Council of Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • After receiving his call to the ministry, Haywood would travel to Louisville, Kentucky and spread the gospel in local churches.

  • In the year 1909 while evangelizing in Louisville, Haywood held a meeting at the Christian Faith Band Church located at 16th and Magazine Street on the east side of the city.
  • After hearing Haywood preach a dynamic message about the finished work of Calvary, a small group of holiness seekers, mostly women, left the Christian Faith Band Church and began to have cottage meetings in different locations throughout the city.
  • Some of the charter members of the small group were Sister Viola BeelerAnna Bell Davis and Sister Theresa Coffman who offered her garage to be used for Sunday worship services.
  • The young G. T. Haywood began nurturing and guiding the small "Louisville Assembly" as it grew into a congregation. In his book entitled "Early Oneness Pentecostalism, Garfield Thomas Haywood, and the Interracial Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (1906-1931)", Dr. Talmadge Leon French comfirm that Pentecostal churches in the 1900's often referred to their meetings as "conventions" whereas today they are known as "councils".

  • In the year 1911 Brother Floyd I. Douglas travelled to Louisville from Bardstown, KY.  Douglas was saved and called to the ministry in December of the same year.
  • Because of the effectiveness of his ministry, Douglas was chosen as the leader of this God-ordained assembly.

  • Early in the year 1912 Brother Floyd Douglas joined the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and achieved the title, "Elder".
  • The group of saints had grown to about 35 members and on July 12th of the same year, Elder Douglas found a place of worship large enough to accommodate a meeting for the growing assembly.
  • Soon the saints expressed a desire to add additional churches to their group budding "convention", as it was commonly called back then. In fact according to the late Bishop Morris E. Golder, Haywood held his very first convention in 1912.


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